Hen party accessories
and hen night stuff
from Alandra

Alandra supply hen party accessories
& baby shower products at sensible prices.
For fun hen & stag night ideas or some baby
shower ideas, you will be wowed
by our range of novelty exclusvie products which will
brighten any party or celebration.

Products include:
• Flashing Birthday Tiaras
• Flashing Sashes
• L Plates
• Baby Shower Games
• Tiaras
• Fairy Wings

Whether the boys or girls like to have fun, our ranges cater for that special 18th or 21st birthday as well as hen and stag dos. Our selection of hen party accessories and hen night ideas come in different colours. Feel free to browse our birthday, stag and hen party accessories at your leisure.

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You've landed on the most dynamic and original website for Hen, Stag and Birthday Accessories on the web. We've been doing this for a long time! Maybe it's because we've been selling Fashion Accessories and Jewellery for the past 40 years, we have the inclination of how to use the correct colours, the particular weight and understand the manufacturing process to produce fabulous looking products.

Why shouldn't Hen Party Accessories lay on you as beautiful as an item of clothing you would purchase in the High Street? Our philosophy is, if it's fun, if it looks good and is of the highest quality then you should choose Alandra. Over the last 10 years we believe we lead and the others follow our hen party ideas. We created the first Flashing Sash in 1999 and have since gone on to offer Celebration Countdown Timers, Birthday Tiaras and Diamante Rosettes. Alandra was also the first company to produce a range in a Black theme. In 2003 our MD went to a 21st party and noticed that the Birthday Girl herself wasn't wearing any kind of Accessory to celebrate her 21st Birthday. She was simply too posh to wear the usual bright coloured big badge or pink sash. Our MD approached her and asked if she would be prepared to wear a Black Satin Sash with a Diamante logo to match her black dress? Of course she said yes and the rest is history. Now there are Black Banners, Black Balloons and many other types of product as the colour is now a major player in the party industry.

As the years have passed, trends and styles obviously change and we've always tried to match our products with how people are feeling and the kind of mood there are in. An example of this is a couple of years ago we realised that ladies on a Hen Night mostly meet at someone's house to start off proceedings before they go off to the main event; for this we created Fishing, Dares and Drinking Games to meet the demand for Hen Party Accessories. These prove to be one of the best selling categories. We currently do many trade shows around the world and have noticed that other nations are starting to catch on to our way of thinking, which is, when you celebrate the bride to be and her last night of freedom, its not always about how silly or rude you can make her but how fantastic you can all look together as a group!

We have developed famous slogans in other languages and are really starting to see some brilliant results. Of course if you have a specific logo or item that you need a large quantity of 3,000 pieces and upwards then please get in touch with us and you can be sure that you will have our best attention and service. We have an office in Taiwan and also in China to manage and control all aspects of your OEM, bespoke or other special requirement. If you have any kind of feedback on our products however good or bad then please let us know. Listening to what people want is a massive part of any business and Alandra likes to pride itself on this.

If you have a retail store, hen party website or even a naughty strip show venue, then our products will be for you. We hope to meet you in person at any of our trade shows and are looking forward to doing some business with you. Buying goods from us should be a personal experience in a special capacity and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and we sincerely hope you enjoy Alandra.

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